What’s the difference between Mould Remover and Mould Exterminator?

Mould Remover is a chlorine-free product based on active oxygen and is especially suitable for living rooms. Mould Exterminator is a chlorine-based product and is used primarily in bathrooms and related areas.

Which product is used to remove mould, mildew, and moisture stains from textiles?

Mould Remover is gentle on textiles.

Is it necessary to rinse absorbent surfaces thoroughly with water after using Mould Exterminator

No, you should not simply wipe any product residue and dead mould spores away with a damp cloth.

What’s the difference between Anti-Mould Additive and Mould Protection?

Anti-Mould Additive is suitable for use over a large area to help prevent new growth. Mould Protection is for use on smaller areas, including highly exposed points such as window embrasures.

How can I remove stubborn brown toilet bowl stains caused by mineral deposits?

You can use Pyrolusite Remover for that. If there is still residue left afterward, you can use it in combination with Urine and Lime Deposit Remover.