10 good reasons foR mellerud mould products

  1. Incountable proven premium quality
  2. Systematic mould control: MELLERUD has everything to control mould effectively
  3. Simplest prevention: The Anti-mould-additive gives all water soluble materials (i.e. paints, on-walls, filling compound and wallpaper paste) an Anti-mould protective coat.
  4. The MELLERUD mould remover is odorless and and can be used for bedrooms and children’s room.
  5. For your entire question about mould problems MELLERUD provides a helpline with qualified advises. Tel. +49 (0)2163-950 90-999
  6. Qualified advises by trained experts at your service.
  7. Seal-proof caps avoid any danger and harm from children.
  8. MELLERUD mould quicktest helps to detect mould early in rooms and surroundings, plus following analysis.
  9. The effectiveness of MELLERUD products is certified by independent experts.
  10. MELLERUD products ensure your health and safety.